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Are PPC campaigns is worth it when you’re already implementing SEO strategies?

Google Adwords Marketing Ottawa PPC ServicesGoogle ads, or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, can be a valuable addition to your overall digital marketing strategy, even if you’re already implementing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Google ads allow you to purchase ad space on the search engine results page and can increase your visibility and traffic, regardless of where your organic search rankings currently stand. PPC campaigns also offer flexibility and targeting options that SEO alone cannot provide. Ultimately, combining Google ads with SEO can make for a well rounded approach to gaining online exposure and driving quality website traffic. Of course, smart budget allocation and frequent tracking and optimization of your PPC campaigns is key for successful outcomes, however, for those looking to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level, investing in Google ads is definitely worth considering.

Let’s take a closer look at how PPC impacts SEO:

The Combination of PPC and SEO Boosts Online Visibility

If users keep seeing your website every time they type in relevant search queries, they’ll assume you have what they’re looking for.

Generally, greater visibility leads to increased traffic, that being said, by leveraging both PPC ads and organic search results, businesses can occupy more real estate on SERPs, maximizing their visibility to users. PPC ads appear prominently at the top of the page, immediately capturing attention and driving clicks, while organic listings reinforce credibility and trustworthiness. Companies have to be aware of banner burnout, bombarding users with display ads can cause them to become indifferent to them, when it comes to display ads, it’s best to set a frequency cap and limit the number of impressions a user sees.

Even if your page is ranking on the first page of Google, you should invest in PPC because it draws more attention and offers ongoing exposure, while also cementing your brand’s SERP presence above even organic results.

It Gives You A Better Understanding of Which Keywords Are Bringing In Traffic

When you employ SEO, it takes many months (sometimes years) before you collect enough data about keywords that are driving traffic, but when you pair SEO strategies with PPC campaigns, this data becomes a lot clearer.

PPC campaigns consist of ad groups that focus on specific keywords, so PPC analytics allow marketers to see which ad groups are bringing in traffic, this information can be used to devise profitable SEO and PPC strategies to increase traffic further.

By integrating PPC and SEO, it allows businesses to develop a cohesive keyword strategy that targets both paid and organic search queries. PPC campaigns provide valuable insights into which keywords are driving conversions and generating leads, which can then inform the optimization of organic content for better search engine rankings.

Brand AwarenessIt’s Easier to Fight Negative PR

Any negative publicity can have lasting effects on your reputation unless it’s taken care of right away. If your business has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, or you just have a high-ranking negative review that you need to overcome, the combination of PPC and SEO strategies is the perfect mix.

Pairing PPC with SEO strategies allows you to guide the conversation whenever a user searches for your company. If your PPC ads and SEO strategies draw in traffic, the negative media will eventually be outranked.

You Can Boost Visibility on Social Media

Your social media pages will show up on organic search results, but provided they have sufficient followers and are regularly updated with compelling content.

PPC can enhance your social media marketing efforts with social media ads that offer more precise targeting. Because social media platforms can give your business a wealth of user information, marketers can design campaigns to target market segments based on hobbies, interests, socioeconomic status, careers, etc.

Targeting on social media is a lot more specific than on Google Ads and other search engine advertising platforms.

The combination of PPC and SEO reinforces a brand’s visibility and authority in the eyes of users. When a website appears in both paid and organic search results for relevant queries, it signals credibility and trustworthiness, increasing brand recall and affinity among users. So, a consistent presence across SERPs strengthens brand perception and encourages engagement.

If you don’t have PPC ads to complement SEO strategies, consider hiring a digital marketing agency near you that can create paid search campaigns to provide continued exposure and increase web traffic.

Mediaforce offers premium digital marketing services that include PPC, web design, and SEO services. We serve clients across New York, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto. Call 613-729-0500 for more information.

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