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Strategic digital marketing campaigns to increase your online sales.

Learn how performance based eCommerce marketing can increase your online sales and keep customers coming back for more.


Buying Online Today is Different

It’s not only about price.

It’s about signalling a great user-experience – and nothing does this better than a balanced approach to QUALITY traffic acquisition. Treating your user’s intent seriously, and delivering on the promises that bring traffic to your site are the best strategies for long-term results! Learn more about our core industries.

Let’s talk about creating a conversion optimized website design or eCommerce digital marketing campaign to get you where you want to be.

Optimizing your users online experience is key to increasing sales.

What is a good online experience?

It’s simple, a good online experience is one where the consumer happily does what you want them to do (convert), returns to do it again (recency & frequency) and tells other people to do it (advocacy). How do you get people to do this? Personalization, customization and curated content based on the stage of buying they’re at, helping you build an effective e-commerce marketing strategy. Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce have some of these features built in. If you’re based in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, NYC, or anywhere in the world, we’d be happy to help you!

Looking good isn’t good enough.

In order for consumers to buy online, come back and buy again and tell others to buy from you, you need to make an on-going positive brand impact. That means well crafted personalized content over multiple channels. Take a 360° approach. Stage measurable and optimizable interactions along the customer-journey.

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On-Site Optimization

From page titles to page load-speed, from content descriptions to media accessibility, from data-security to clear navigation… your eCommerce sales depend on offering a great U/X.  Make sure you’re assisting your website visitors journey!

Off-Site Optimization

How are you being talked about? How is your brand being experienced away from your site? What signals are you sending that you solve a problem for your users?  How are you supporting a good User and Emotional Experience?

Results Oriented eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Our approach to eCommerce is not about getting you on the top of first page of Google. We measure success based on business impact and economic value generated from all traffic sources. To learn more about our unique evidence based approach for small and medium sized eCommerce businesses, request a free consultation.

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