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A common question we get from clients is “should I be paying for Google AdWords?“. The answer to this questions depends on their goals and budget. If not managed correctly, Google AdWords could quickly become more like a donation rather than a ROI.

Below is a LinkedIn survey found that was posing the question “What Is the Most Effective: Google Ads PPC or SEO?”. With 78 responses the results were 32% voting for SEO, 24% it depends on the product, and 23% for can’t compare the two.

SEO has a Better Long Term ROI

SEO is an ongoing process with long-term results. With SEO, you get the most “bang for your buck” because you will receive more returning visitors and will pay nothing for the top page of Google. However, the cost is incurred in your time or the time of a professional SEO specialist to do the necessary work to bring your website to the top spot in search engines.

If you don’t have a time-sensitive promotion or goal, SEO is more cost-effective in the long term.

Google Ads is Better for Short Term Goals

PPC campaigns come in handy when you have a time-sensitive event or promotion. PPC campaigns are useful to spring you to the top of Google, given you have the budget to pay per click.

Allocating a budget to PPC campaigns is a useful way to test the relevancy of your top keywords. If you find alot of people who are coming to your website through the Google ad “jungle gyms” are bouncing, this may not be the best word to describe your business.  Rather than spending months optimizing your website for “jungle gyms”, you will see from the results of your PPC campaign that this might not be the best word to focus on to get quality traffic.

Setting up a PPC is a bit of process but the ROI is good if the campaign is managed correctly. A Google Adwords qualified individual will be able to consult on which keywords to bid on, how much money to allocate to each ad, set up effective landing pages, and interpret the results of the campaign.

Using PPC as Part of SEO Strategy

PPC and SEO work best when used together. Each search process has its own benefits that compliment the other. The decision to focus more on one or the other at the time depends on your goals and budget.

Benefits of PPC

  • Testing keywords
  • Increase membership for time-sensitive events (webinars, events, promotions etc.)
  • Increase awareness of products and services

Benefits of SEO

  • Ongoing process with long-term results
  • More returning visitors
  • Hold top space in search engines without pay per click

You can see PPC as an “online advertisement” where SEO is a long-term “online marketing strategy”. Online advertising fits well as a part of your online marketing strategy.

Do you require assistance in developing/implementing a SEO strategy or setting up/managing PPC campaigns for your business? Contact us for a Free SEO Analysis and Consultation.

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