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Turn any indoor or outdoor area into a captivating, educational, and enjoyable environment with Mediaforce digital display systems, available in Canada and the US.


More Effective Way To Engage With Your Visitors

Cutting-edge digital signage technology can seamlessly transform your space into an immersive experience that engages and informs your audience. Whether it’s a retail store, corporate office, event venue, or public space, our digital display systems deliver dynamic content and captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Digital Signage Solutions & Display Advertising Services

Elevate your brand presence and captivate your audience with our exceptional digital display solutions in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether you operate a commercial lobby, retail store, healthcare facility, bank, hotel, educational institution, government facility, industrial/manufacturing site, food and beverage establishment, automotive business, casino, or property management location, our digital display solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

From indoor to outdoor settings, we offer a range of LED options that are ideal for projection technology, interactive experiences, and everything in between. With our state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we can create immersive and engaging campaigns that leave a lasting impact on your target audience. Trust our proven track record in delivering exceptional digital solutions across various industries, and let us help you transform your space into an unforgettable experience.



In today’s digital era, visual technology has become paramount. Seize the opportunity to elevate your advertising efforts with the power of digital displays, ensuring your ads and communications stand out and captivate your target market. By leveraging the dynamic capabilities of digital images and media, you can propel your marketing initiatives to new heights.

As a leading digital signage company in Canada, we possess the expertise and resources to effectively amplify your message. Whether you aim to reach a broad audience or target specific locations and demographics, our comprehensive solutions enable you to achieve your advertising goals. With our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, we empower you to make a lasting impact and engage your audience like never before. Trust our proven track record and industry knowledge to help you leverage the immense potential of digital displays, unlocking a world of possibilities for your brand.

Digital Marketing


Eye Catching




Fully Custom

Did you know 78% of consumers find digital displays to be visually captivating? This presents a tremendous opportunity for you to enhance your brand exposure and drive engagement. By leveraging state-of-the-art digital display signage, you can take your advertising efforts to the next level. Our multi-location digital display installations enable you to achieve hundreds of thousands of impressions, ensuring that your visitors are exposed to the most impactful and influential advertising available.

Additionally, our display controllers have garnered a 100% satisfaction rate among consumers who find them incredibly user-friendly and customizable. With our innovative solutions, you can effortlessly bring your visitors’ experience to life, leaving a lasting impression. Harness the power of digital displays and unlock the full potential of your brand.

The statistics for Digital Signage Displays are quite compelling and highlight the effectiveness of this advertising medium. Here are some notable statistics:


1. According to a study by Grand View Research, the global digital signage market size was valued at USD 21.49 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028.

2. Research by Intel shows that digital signage displays capture 400% more views than static displays, making them highly effective in grabbing audience attention.

3. A study by Arbitron found that 70% of Americans have seen a digital video display in the past month, indicating the widespread reach of digital signage.

4. The same study revealed that digital signage displays can increase brand awareness by 47.7% and improve the average purchase amount by 29.5%.

5. In terms of customer engagement, a survey by Nielsen reported that digital signage displays in retail stores increase dwell time by up to 30%, leading to more opportunities for customer interaction and potential sales.

6. Digital signage displays have shown to be effective in influencing consumer behavior. A study conducted by NPD Group found that 42% of shoppers admitted to making an unplanned purchase after seeing a digital signage display.

7. According to Statista, the revenue generated by digital signage advertising in the United States alone reached approximately $27.82 billion in 2020.

These statistics demonstrate the growing significance of digital signage displays as a powerful advertising tool for businesses across various industries. With their ability to capture attention, increase brand awareness, and drive customer engagement, digital signage displays continue to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with their target audience.

Digital Signage Products & Solutions for Your Industry

Digital Billboards

Digital billboard advertising has revolutionized the way brands connect with their target audiences. With vibrant displays and dynamic content, digital billboards offer a captivating platform to showcase your brand message.

Indoor Digital Signage

Indoor digital signage has transformed the way businesses communicate with their customers and employees. These sleek and interactive displays provide a dynamic platform for conveying information, promoting products or services, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Digital Floor Displays & Kiosks

Digital Floor Displays and Kiosks have emerged as powerful tools for engaging customers and enhancing the overall retail experience. These interactive and eye-catching displays, strategically placed in high-traffic areas, captivate attention and draw customers towards your brand.

Digital Display Controllers

Digital display controllers are the backbone of any effective digital signage system. These sophisticated devices provide the necessary control and management functions to ensure seamless operation and content delivery on digital displays.

Digital Display Hardware

Digital display hardware plays a vital role in bringing digital signage solutions to life. From high-resolution screens and media players to mounting systems and connectivity devices, digital display hardware forms the foundation of a successful digital signage setup.

Wayfinding Solutions

Wayfinding solutions have revolutionized navigation and wayfinding experiences in various environments. These intuitive systems utilize digital displays, interactive maps, and directional signage to guide individuals through complex spaces such as airports, malls, hospitals, and campuses.

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Digital Displays for Airports

Elevate the traveler experience with Mediaforce’s cutting-edge digital display solutions for airports.

Our interactive kiosks seamlessly blend innovation and convenience, offering passengers real-time information, easy navigation, and engaging content at their fingertips. Our digital billboards redefine advertising possibilities, captivating audiences with dynamic, high-impact visuals that leave a lasting impression. Additionally, our wayfinding technology ensures that every traveler can effortlessly navigate the vast airport landscape, reducing stress and enhancing their journey. With Mediaforce, airports can unlock a new dimension of passenger engagement, making every moment a memorable one. Trust us to revolutionize your airport’s communication and navigation systems while optimizing revenue through strategic advertising placements. Welcome travelers to a world of endless possibilities with Mediaforce’s digital display solutions.

Digital Displays for Museums

Discover the perfect blend of art and technology with Mediaforce’s digital display solutions tailored for museums.

Our interactive kiosks transport visitors into an immersive world of knowledge, enabling them to delve deeper into exhibits, explore interactive displays, and gain a richer understanding of the museum’s treasures. With our digital billboards, museums can captivate audiences with visually stunning narratives, bringing history and culture to life in vivid detail. Seamlessly integrated wayfinding systems ensure that guests navigate the museum effortlessly, making every visit a delightful and educational experience. Elevate your museum’s storytelling capabilities and engage visitors like never before with Mediaforce’s innovative digital displays. Trust us to transform your museum into an immersive, educational, and memorable destination, attracting visitors from all corners of the world. Join us in reshaping the future of museum experiences with Mediaforce’s cutting-edge solutions.

Digital Displays for Educational Institutions

Elevate the learning environment with Mediaforce’s tailored digital display solutions for educational institutions.

Our interactive kiosks empower students and staff by providing real-time information, interactive lessons, and campus resources at their fingertips, fostering a dynamic and engaging educational experience. Our digital billboards create vibrant hubs of information dissemination, showcasing important announcements, events, and inspiring content that ignites curiosity and engagement across the campus. Seamlessly integrated wayfinding systems ensure efficient navigation for students and visitors alike, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall campus experience. With Mediaforce, educational institutions can embrace the digital age, transforming their campuses into dynamic centers of knowledge and innovation. Partner with us to shape the future of education through immersive and impactful digital displays, creating a learning environment that inspires and empowers all.

Digital Displays for Government Buildings

Transform government buildings into modern hubs of efficiency and accessibility with Mediaforce’s innovative digital display solutions.

Our interactive kiosks empower citizens and visitors with easy access to essential government services, information, and interactive tools, enhancing transparency and engagement. Our state-of-the-art digital billboards are perfect for conveying critical updates, emergency alerts, and community messages, ensuring that information reaches the public effectively. Seamlessly integrated wayfinding systems simplify navigation within government facilities, making visits more convenient for everyone. Trust Mediaforce to help government institutions optimize communication, foster civic engagement, and streamline operations. Elevate your government building’s functionality and public service with our cutting-edge digital display solutions, setting the standard for accessibility and information dissemination in the digital era. Partner with us to create a more connected and informed community.

Digital Displays for Hospitals & Clinics

Enhance the healthcare experience with Mediaforce’s tailored digital display solutions designed for hospitals and health clinics.

Our interactive kiosks provide patients with seamless access to vital information, appointment scheduling, and interactive health resources, empowering them to take charge of their well-being. Meanwhile, our dynamic digital billboards serve as a powerful communication platform, enabling medical facilities to relay critical announcements, health tips, and inspirational content, fostering a sense of community and trust. Integrated wayfinding systems ensure that patients and visitors navigate complex hospital layouts effortlessly, reducing stress during what can be a challenging time. Count on Mediaforce to revolutionize healthcare communication, improve patient engagement, and streamline operations. Embrace the future of healthcare with our cutting-edge digital display solutions, setting new standards for accessibility and patient care.

Digital Displays for Restaurants

Elevate the dining experience and boost operational efficiency with Mediaforce’s customized digital display solutions tailored for restaurant franchises.

Our interactive kiosks offer patrons a seamless and engaging ordering process, allowing them to customize their meals, view nutritional information, and place orders with ease. Digital billboards amplify brand visibility by showcasing enticing menu items, promotions, and real-time updates, attracting foot traffic and boosting sales. Integrated wayfinding systems streamline customer flow within your restaurant, reducing wait times and enhancing overall satisfaction. With Mediaforce, restaurant franchises can not only tantalize taste buds but also optimize their operations. Trust us to help you stay ahead in the competitive food industry by delivering an immersive and customer-centric dining experience. Join forces with Mediaforce and redefine the future of restaurant franchising with our innovative digital display solutions.

Digital Displays for Hotels

Elevate the hospitality experience for hotel chains in the Caribbean and Europe with Mediaforce’s tailored digital display solutions.

Our interactive kiosks provide guests with a seamless and engaging way to access essential information, explore local attractions, and make reservations, enhancing their stay. Meanwhile, our dynamic digital billboards create captivating focal points within the hotel, showcasing promotions, events, and stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression. Integrated wayfinding systems simplify navigation, ensuring guests effortlessly find their way around the property, whether on a Caribbean beachfront or amidst the charm of European cities. Mediaforce empowers hotel chains to not only provide exceptional service but also boost revenue and customer satisfaction. Trust us to transform your properties into immersive, guest-centric destinations, setting new industry standards in hospitality. Collaborate with Mediaforce and redefine the future of hotel chains in the Caribbean and Europe through our innovative digital display solutions.

Digital Displays for Retail Stores

Revolutionize the retail experience with Mediaforce’s tailored digital display solutions designed to empower retailers and captivate customers.

Our interactive kiosks redefine the shopping journey, offering shoppers personalized product information, real-time inventory updates, and the convenience of self-service options, fostering engagement and driving sales. Our dynamic digital billboards transform storefronts into attention-grabbing showcases, presenting compelling promotions, branding messages, and vibrant visuals that draw foot traffic and increase brand recognition. Seamlessly integrated wayfinding systems guide shoppers through the store, ensuring a streamlined and enjoyable shopping experience. With Mediaforce, retailers can unlock the power of digital innovation to optimize sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and create a shopping environment that stands out in the competitive retail landscape. Collaborate with us to shape the future of retail through our innovative digital display solutions, setting new standards for customer engagement and retail success.

Digital Displays for Commercial Business

Transform your commercial business into a dynamic and customer-centric powerhouse with Mediaforce’s tailored digital display solutions.

Our interactive kiosks provide clients and visitors with a seamless and engaging way to access information, services, and interactive tools, enhancing their overall experience. Our dynamic digital billboards offer a powerful platform to convey your brand’s messages, promotions, and key information, ensuring your business stands out in the bustling commercial landscape. Integrated wayfinding systems simplify navigation within your premises, making every visit convenient and efficient. At Mediaforce, we empower businesses to not only thrive but also set new industry benchmarks by leveraging the potential of cutting-edge digital technology. Collaborate with us to revolutionize your commercial business with our innovative digital display solutions, and redefine what success means in today’s competitive market.

Digital Billboards

Elevate any environment into an immersive, enlightening, and captivating experience with Mediaforce digital billboards in Toronto. Our cutting-edge digital billboard technology empowers you to transform any space into a dynamic platform for engaging content, informative messages, and entertaining visuals.

Use digital billboard advertising to increase audience emotion and engagement

Maximize your brand’s visibility with our exceptional digital billboard solutions tailored for outside locations in Toronto. Whether it’s retail stores, community hubs, commercial lobbies, or other high-traffic areas, our digital billboards are designed to make a lasting impact on your audience. Contact us today, and let our experts guide you in selecting the ideal digital billboard solutions in Toronto that align with your brand and cater to the needs of your visitors.

With the undeniable benefits of digital billboard marketing, leveraging visual technology is crucial to ensure your ads stand out in a competitive market and capture the attention of your target audience. LED video walls and other digital displays are the key to enhancing your brand’s visibility and creating a memorable advertising experience that resonates with your audience. Embrace the power of digital billboard marketing and elevate your brand’s presence to new heights.

Viewers have 55% more ad recall
with digital billboards

We enable communication so you can emotionally and effectively engage,
educate and empower your audience

Enhance your outdoor advertising strategy with our exceptional digital billboard solutions in Toronto. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor locations including retail stores, community hubs, commercial lobbies, and high-traffic areas, our digital billboards provide the perfect platform to maximize your brand’s visibility. Contact us today for expert guidance in selecting the most suitable digital billboard solutions in Toronto that align with your brand’s objectives and cater to your visitors’ needs.

Experience the undeniable benefits of digital billboard marketing in a visually-driven world. In today’s landscape where visual technology reigns supreme, leveraging digital displays like LED video walls is essential to make your ads shine and capture the attention of your target market. Embrace the power of digital billboard advertising to ensure your messages stand out, leaving a memorable impact on your audience. Let us assist you in harnessing the potential of digital displays, enabling your brand to rise above the competition and captivate your market effectively.

Indoor Digital Signage

Turn any environment into a captivating, informative, and entertaining experience with Mediaforce indoor digital displays. Our state-of-the-art digital displays are designed to elevate spaces and create immersive encounters for your audience. Whether it’s a retail store, corporate office, educational facility, or any other indoor setting, our indoor digital displays deliver engaging content and dynamic visuals that leave a lasting impression. Experience the power of Mediaforce indoor digital displays to transform your space into an unforgettable journey of information and entertainment.

Indoor Digital Signage

Embrace the undeniable advantages of indoor digital displays in a world where visual technology reigns supreme. To make your ads stand out and effectively capture the attention of your target audience, you require indoor digital displays for advertising.

Our comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor digital display solutions is tailored to suit various indoor high-traffic areas such as retail stores, commercial lobbies, corporate offices, waiting areas, elevators, transportation hubs, and more. Whether you have a bustling space or aim to promote your message on a larger scale, our interactive indoor digital signage is the perfect choice.

Experience the seamless integration of captivating visuals and user-friendly interfaces, making it effortless to engage with your audience and convey your message effectively. Trust our indoor digital displays to amplify your brand’s visibility and create immersive advertising experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Visual communication is our passion.


Corporate Branding

- Captivating visual platform to showcase brand identity and messaging
- Enhances brand recognition and recall among employees, clients, and visitors
- Allows for seamless content updates and customization for relevance
- Enables targeted messaging to specific audiences or timeframes
- Strategically placed displays maximize exposure in key areas of the corporate environment
- Provides interactive experiences for active engagement with the brand
- Elevates brand visibility and reinforces brand identity
- Creates a memorable and immersive brand experience for stakeholders

Improved Communication

- Offers a dynamic and attention-grabbing platform for delivering important messages and information
- Facilitates real-time updates, ensuring that content is always current and relevant
- Enhances communication effectiveness by utilizing eye-catching visuals and multimedia elements
- Allows for targeted messaging to specific areas or departments within the organization
- Supports multi-language and multi-format content, accommodating diverse audiences
- Increases engagement and retention of information through interactive displays

Make an Impression

- Creates a visually striking and memorable impression on viewers
- Offers high-resolution displays that showcase vibrant and engaging content
- Captivates attention and stands out in a crowded environment
- Allows for creative and interactive elements to enhance viewer engagement
- Provides an opportunity to showcase brand personality and identity through captivating visuals
- Supports the use of multimedia content such as videos, animations, and dynamic graphics
- Enables customization and personalization of messages to create a tailored experience

Digital Floor Displays & Kiosks

Digital interactive kiosks have the power to transform shopping experiences into immersive digital journeys, simplify navigation in complex buildings, and facilitate effective communication with employees. These advanced kiosks offer interactive touchscreens and intuitive interfaces that engage customers and provide them with valuable information and assistance. Whether it’s browsing product catalogs, accessing maps and directories, or obtaining personalized recommendations, digital interactive kiosks enhance the overall shopping experience.

An Interactive Kiosk Solution For Any Environment

Our digital kiosks and indoor digital advertising screens are meticulously designed using premium commercial-grade components, ensuring durability and reliability in high-traffic environments. These versatile kiosks find applications across various industries, offering a multitude of benefits. For instance, they serve as powerful tools to showcase products, capturing the attention of customers and boosting sales.

Additionally, in commercial, industrial, and governmental buildings, these kiosks act as informative guides, assisting guests with navigation and providing valuable information about different areas. Furthermore, they have found their place as digital menus, revolutionizing the way businesses present their offerings and interact with customers. With their robust construction and flexible functionality, our digital kiosks and indoor digital advertising screens are the ideal choice for creating impactful experiences in diverse settings.

Visual communication is our passion.

How Interactive Kiosks Benefit Your Organization

Interactive kiosks offer numerous benefits to organizations, revolutionizing the way they engage with customers and streamline internal operations. Here are some key advantages of incorporating interactive kiosks into your organization:


1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Interactive kiosks provide a user-friendly interface that allows customers to access information, browse products, and make transactions with ease. This improves the overall customer experience by offering self-service options, reducing wait times, and providing instant access to relevant information.

2. Increased Efficiency: By automating various tasks and processes, interactive kiosks help organizations optimize efficiency. Customers can quickly perform routine tasks such as check-ins, registrations, or inquiries, freeing up staff to focus on more complex tasks. This leads to improved productivity and reduced operational costs.

3. Improved Engagement: Interactive kiosks enable organizations to deliver engaging and interactive content that captures customers’ attention. With multimedia elements like videos, images, and touchscreens, kiosks create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression, increasing brand engagement and customer satisfaction.

4. Real-time Updates and Analytics: Organizations can easily update content on interactive kiosks in real-time, ensuring that information is always accurate and up to date. Additionally, kiosks provide valuable analytics and insights into customer behavior, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and refine their strategies.

5. Cost-effective Solution: Investing in interactive kiosks can lead to long-term cost savings. By reducing the need for manual labor and improving efficiency, organizations can allocate resources more effectively. Moreover, kiosks provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing methods, allowing organizations to promote products and services without incurring hefty printing or advertising costs.

6. Versatility and Adaptability: Interactive kiosks can be customized to suit various industries and applications. Whether used for self-service checkouts, wayfinding, information displays, or surveys, kiosks offer flexibility and adaptability to meet specific organizational needs.

Digital Display Controllers

Experience the power of our cutting-edge digital signage controllers, providing you with unparalleled customization capabilities for your advertising messages at scale. With our unique controller, you have the freedom to display multiple dynamic images across multiple screens in real-time, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience without any frame loss. This advanced technology empowers you to create impactful and engaging content that captivates your audience, effectively communicating your brand messages with precision and flexibility. Say goodbye to static displays and embrace the dynamic possibilities of our digital signage controllers, unlocking a new level of advertising excellence.

Digital Display Controllers

Introducing our state-of-the-art video display controllers, designed with professionalism, high-performance capabilities, and top-of-the-line image processing technology. With our advanced controller, you can effortlessly display multiple dynamic images across multiple screens in real-time, ensuring a seamless viewing experience without any frame loss. This functionality enables the impressive function of multi-window splicing, catering to the needs of our esteemed clients in Toronto seeking high-quality, high-definition large screen display systems.

Serving as the core control device, our video display controller offers an ideal image processing solution for command centers, video conferences, multimedia halls, and various other applications. Leveraging a robust architecture consisting of large-scale high-performance FPGA arrays and high-speed digital switching technology, coupled with a fully digital hardware design concept, our controller delivers CPU-free operation and exceptional video and image processing capabilities. Embrace our cutting-edge video wall controller to elevate your display systems to new heights of performance and reliability.

Visual communication is our passion.

Schematic Image for Digital Display Signage Controllers Toronto

Product Connection Schematics

Our network multi-screen image processing system stands as an independently developed and produced platform that integrates high-definition digital decoding and matrix management. With its advanced high-speed data transmission technology and comprehensive crossover scheduling architecture, this system offers unparalleled performance. Each data channel is equipped with a dedicated point-to-point data channel, ensuring real-time display capabilities. The system supports various features such as splicing frames, effects adjustment, window fade-in fusion, and the ability to roam, superpose, zoom, and splice video windows freely. Additionally, the system boasts hot pluggable hardware, allowing for seamless integration and effortless scalability. With our network multi-screen image processing system, you gain an exceptional solution that empowers you to harness the full potential of your digital display infrastructure.

Digital Display Hardware

In order to craft a compelling advertisement, it is essential to have the right tools at your disposal to effectively reach your intended audience. That’s where digital display hardware comes into play. With its advanced technology and capabilities, digital display hardware serves as the perfect medium to convey your message with impact. Whether it’s high-resolution screens, interactive touch panels, or versatile signage solutions, digital display hardware provides the necessary foundation to showcase your content in a captivating and attention-grabbing manner. By leveraging the power of digital display hardware, you can engage and connect with your target audience, delivering your message with precision and effectiveness. Elevate your advertising efforts with the right digital display hardware and unlock new opportunities for success.

Elevate your marketing campaigns and drive increased sales through the power of our compelling digital display systems

In the ever-evolving and fiercely competitive marketing landscape, digital advertising has emerged as an essential strategy. The days of relying solely on posters to capture attention are long gone. To craft an advertisement that truly resonates, it is crucial to leverage a medium that can effectively reach your target audience. And what better option exists than a dynamic digital display system or signage screen?

With their unparalleled effectiveness, these cutting-edge solutions empower you to deliver impactful messages that leave a lasting impression. By embracing the power of digital display systems, you can engage your audience in a visually captivating and interactive manner, ensuring your brand and message stand out in the crowded advertising arena. Step into the realm of digital advertising and unleash the full potential of your campaigns through the compelling medium of digital displays.

Visual communication is our passion.

Unlock the true potential of your advertising campaigns with our cutting-edge digital signage screens.

Discover our extensive range of digital display systems and signage hardware options, catering to every budget and requirement. From cost-effective budget devices to versatile mid-range options, robust commercial screens, and high-end solutions, we have the perfect range of products to build a dynamic digital signage network for your business in Toronto.

With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we can assist you in attracting larger crowds and captivating customers with ease. Embrace the power of digital displays and elevate your brand visibility and engagement to new heights. Let us be your trusted partner in creating an immersive and captivating digital signage experience that leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

Wayfinding Solutions

At Mediaforce, we forge strategic partnerships with Canadian small businesses, retail outlets, restaurants, hospitals, learning institutions, and beyond, aiming to bring the forefront of digital signage and digital billboard technologies to the forefront.

Wayfinding Digital Mapping Software Solutions

Wayfinding digital mapping software solutions revolutionize navigation and enhance user experiences across various environments. With advanced technology and intuitive interfaces, these solutions provide interactive and dynamic maps that guide individuals seamlessly through complex spaces such as campuses, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, and more. The software combines real-time data, indoor positioning systems, and visual cues to offer accurate and up-to-date information on routes, points of interest, amenities, and even estimated walking times.

By incorporating customizable features, such as multilingual support and accessibility options, wayfinding digital mapping software ensures inclusivity and convenience for all users. Whether you are a visitor trying to find your way or an organization seeking to optimize visitor flow and improve overall efficiency, these solutions provide a user-friendly and efficient means of navigation. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to streamlined guidance with wayfinding digital mapping software solutions, transforming the way we navigate and interact with complex spaces.

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Maps on Smartphones

Customizable for smartphone use, a digital navigation system takes wayfinding to new heights. With user-friendly apps, individuals can access detailed maps of their desired areas, featuring interactive features and real-time updates. These apps not only display landmarks but also provide automated narration, enhancing accuracy and precision. When comparing digital signage to static signage, wayfinding maps prove significantly more beneficial.

In today’s smartphone-dominated era, nearly everyone carries a pocket-sized device, making these smartphone maps highly accessible. Seamlessly incorporating customization options, these maps allow users to personalize their journeys by adding destinations along the way. Say goodbye to static signage limitations and embrace the convenience and versatility of digital navigation systems on your smartphone.

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Kiosks for Interactive Wayfinding

An interactive kiosk equipped with wayfinding digital signage combines the power of interactive touch screen displays and user-friendly menus to provide seamless navigation experiences. These kiosks can be found in various locations such as malls, hospitals, campus grounds, banks, and roadways. Users can easily input their desired destination, and the kiosk swiftly generates fast and real-time directions.

By leveraging the latest technology, these interactive kiosks offer intuitive interfaces and visually appealing displays, ensuring a smooth and efficient wayfinding experience for individuals seeking directions. Whether you’re a visitor in a bustling mall or a student trying to navigate a large campus, these wayfinding kiosks provide valuable assistance, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and effortlessly. Say goodbye to confusion and embrace the convenience of interactive kiosks with wayfinding digital signage, making navigation a breeze in various environments.

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Digital Marketing

While specific statistics on digital wayfinding displays may vary, here are some general insights that highlight their importance and effectiveness:


1. Improved Navigation: A survey by Accenture revealed that 94% of respondents consider wayfinding important in large venues such as airports, shopping malls, and hospitals.

2. Enhanced User Experience: Research conducted by Forrester Consulting found that 68% of customers prefer self-service digital wayfinding options over traditional methods.

3. Time and Cost Savings: Digital wayfinding displays can significantly reduce the time spent searching for directions, leading to improved efficiency. The Hospital Council of Northern and Central California reported that digital wayfinding reduced patient late arrivals by 40%, resulting in cost savings.

4. Increased Engagement: Digital wayfinding displays provide opportunities for interactive engagement. In a study by TechNavio, it was estimated that the interactive kiosk market, which includes digital wayfinding displays, will grow by USD 1.3 billion during 2021-2025.

5. Real-Time Updates: Digital wayfinding displays can provide real-time information, such as traffic updates, event schedules, and emergency notifications. This dynamic content keeps users informed and enhances their overall experience.

6. Data Collection: Digital wayfinding displays can collect user data, allowing businesses to analyze user behavior and preferences. This valuable information can be used to optimize the wayfinding experience and make data-driven decisions.

7. Accessibility: Digital wayfinding displays can cater to individuals with disabilities by offering features like text-to-speech capabilities, braille options, and adjustable font sizes.

As digital technology continues to advance, digital wayfinding displays play an increasingly significant role in providing intuitive and efficient navigation solutions. By improving user experiences, reducing navigation challenges, and offering real-time updates, digital wayfinding displays enhance both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in various environments.

What Makes Mediaforce Different

Mediaforce unlocks the power of digital visual communication with our comprehensive range of solutions designed to empower effective promotion, engagement, and education of your audience.

Based in Toronto, we offer cutting-edge digital display advertising solutions that encompass a wide array of options, including digital signs, walls, billboards, and interactive displays. Whether you aim to captivate attention, drive interaction, or evoke emotional responses, our solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs. With our advanced technology and expertise, you can harness the full potential of digital displays to deliver compelling messages and create impactful experiences for your audience.

Explore the possibilities and discover how our Toronto-based digital display advertising solutions can transform your communication strategies.

Visual communication is our passion.

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