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Canada’s LinkedIn Advertising Agency

We manage high-performing LinkedIn advertising campaigns. Stay up-to-date with LinkedIn algorithm changes to get the best results possible.

Paid ads combined with relationship building

The LinkedIn ad platform is different from every other social network.

We have found a combination of strategic advertising based on your prospects core alignments along with manual relationship building wins everytime.

Specific targeting

Using LinkedIn’s database and tools like Navigator allows us to refine the cohort of best possible executives, business owners, influencers and decision makers you want to reach. Navigator lets you filter by job title, location, size, industry, age and more.

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Professional audience

LinkedIn has more than 500 million professionals in its database. Posting valuable content daily, setting goals of connecting with the most relevant business owners, decision makers and influencers and building relationships combined with targeted ads will put your company first in mind to your most valuable connections.

Increase awareness

By combining manual relationship building along with supporting advertising and brand exposure strong B2B relationships and brand authority can be built.

NAVIGATOR. Age, gender, geographic location, position, size of company and more. LinkedIn NAVIGATOR is a powerful regressive search tool that will let you hone in on your optimal prospects.

LinkedIn Advertising Channels

Sponsored Content

Sponsored or Paid” content will appear in specific LinkedIn member’s feed between posts and content from other businesses. LinkedIn has a much higher read and exposure rate then Facebook. This will not only get your brand in front of the right connections and the right time, but it will also increase referral traffic to your website.

Text Ads

We can optimize LinkedIn text ads to appear on the side, bottom, or top of a specific LinkedIn member’s feed. There are many  benefits of text which can all be tracked and optimised over time.

Sponsored InMail

Send personalized messages straight to your prospective clients through LinkedIn messenger.

Measuring results

Setting up a measurement model to track accurate performance of your LinkedIn marketing campaign is crucial to understanding its success. We analyze your campaign using data from LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights and Google Analytics.

Let’s create a strategic linkedin advertising plan to get you where you want to be.