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Exploring the LinkedIn Polls is a really great way to do market research to find out what your prospective customers are most interested in. I saw this poll today which proved to be very interesting: “If you could change 3 things in order to improve your business website – what would they be?”

Although this poll only includes the responses of 5 people, you can see the most popular wish of website owners is to get more visitors. You have successfully launched your website and filled it with content…and now you wait for someone to stumble upon it.

Rather than play the waiting game, your best use of time is to find a reputable and affordable search engine optimization specialist to implement a SEO plan to boost your rankings. This is much more effective than trying to do it yourself. An SEO specialist is up-to-date on the processes required to improve Google rankings.

What is Required to Get More Website Visitors?

Most SEO plans will be implemented over a period of time as Google likes to see “fresh” content. There are also many items on the SEO checklist that need to completed to rank your top keywords:

  • Install Google analytics, xml site map, robots.txt file and Google verification
  • Optimize the websites current pages with proper page titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, H1 titles and keyword frequency in content
  • Create quality backlinks to the website to earn authority
  • Develop new content based on keyword phrases
  • Implement online marketing strategies: blog, social marketing, article marketing, video marketing

If you would like to get more visitors to your website and convert them into leads, contact us to discuss our SEO or Google ads packages.

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