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‘Strategy’ is a term that sounds calculating and formal, isn’t it? But when it comes to building a social media strategy, it’s nothing more than making decisions in advance to pay off that effort, time, and money you’ll be putting into your content.

With a good social media strategy, you’ll be able to make a good first impression. To ensure your brand stands out from the rest, take the following steps to develop an effective social media strategy.

Find your audience

If your audience is on a certain network, you should be on it too. If you’re going to throw content on networks that don’t have your audience, you’ll just be shouting in a room full of people—nobody will listen to you.

Do your research, shortlist 3 to 5 platforms that are popular with your audience. Don’t get greedy with the list because you’ll have to put in the effort of maintaining content on all of these platforms.

a man providing social media marketing services in Ottawa on the goBuild a social media mission statement

Your future actions will be driven by your social media statement, so ensure you spend a bit of time creating it. This statement should reflect your brand identity and explain, in layman’s terms, what you’ll do with your social media presence. While creating this statement, always envision your ideal customer.

After you’re done documenting this statement, you’ll be able to decide what to create and share. If what you share on your social media isn’t in line with your mission statement, you’re doing yourself more harm than good.

Yep, businesses sharing random posts without a set purpose are setting themselves up for failure. Understand, people aren’t following generalists, they’re following experts.

Determine key success metrics

What do you do to find out if your social media marketing efforts are coming to fruition? Here, we’re not talking about increasing followers but about making some bucks.

Why? Because who would want to spend their time and money on something that doesn’t improve their bottom line? Some examples of metrics you can measure are total shares, sentiment, brand mentions, reach, time spent on the website, and conversion rate.

Develop engaging content

Finally, off the fun part—social media posting. Now, you know about your ideal customer, you have your social media mission statement by your side, and you’re equipped with all the information to get going. You can then begin creating content like interviews, e-books, infographics, company news, blog posts, videos, images, etc.

Keep reviewing your social media posts, see which one of them gets the most love, and start creating similar posts!

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