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Compelling content marketing topics are rooted in a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and how you want to position your brand relative to the competition. Choosing the right topics—those that match your brand identity and tone—can maximize ROI and boost engagement with your target audience.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at four ways to use social engagement data when picking content marketing topics. Let’s get started!

1. Find topics that interest your audience

If you’re writing about related topics, choose subjects that interest your audience. Sort ideas to ensure you’re writing about the best of the best. A quick search on Google Trends will reveal which topics are discussed more frequently and how popular they are.

For instance, if you’re planning to write about a diet plan, a search for the terms ‘vegan’ and ‘paleo’ will reveal that the vegan diet is far more popular. To maximize your ROI, talk about vegan rather than paleo.

2. Choose topics with less competition

A great SEO hack for smaller businesses is to opt for long-tail keywords instead of the shorter core keywords that are widely contested. Frame your content in a way that these keywords logically fall into place.

Refrain from adding keywords out of context or adding too many keywords as they will turn the reader off and become detrimental to your overall progress.

a shot of a mobile phone with various social media apps3. Adapt older content for new trends

Sometimes, the terms used for older content change but the ideas behind them might not. This means that you can update or refresh your content to include keywords and information that is relevant to the latest developments.

4. Adapt content for different networks

If you’ve implemented a content marketing strategy across multiple channels, you’ll find that some topics perform better on one network compared to another. For instance, the phrase ‘mobile app development’ performs better on Facebook, while content with the term ‘low code’ is favoured on Twitter.

With this information, you can design ads and marketing strategies that best meet the preferences of users on a specific platform.

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