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We hear that a lot. Quite a few of our clients come in and say I don’t need social media marketing because I don’t think it will add value to my business and increase revenue.

Social media has evolved into probably one of the most relevant channels for our clients. Why? Because it is a gateway for real connections with real people.

It is a database of intentions, conversations, emotions, psychographics and information that you have access to intimately get to know the values of your current and potential customers. Advertising on social media platforms will help you target users even more granularly than Google! It is undeniable that social media is powerful. A lot of clients don’t understand just how powerful or how value created in social media relates to their business.

Unfortunately, some of the resistance against social media marketing is due to poor performance by other marketing agencies. Many have still yet to understand that success on social media requires intelligent emotional skills, identifying the right metrics to analyze, being comfortable with audience experimenting and recognizing the ability to fail fast. When we converse with others in real life, we are meant to listen and not shout. It’s the same on social media. It’s not about shouting, it’s about listening and then influencing.

Don’t think of Facebook as a place for people to post pictures of cats. God knows we all love cats. Think of it as a gateway to get to know your customers’  values, interests, and personality to better craft your promotions, focus your marketing efforts, improve products and service expansion.

Social media channels are also a gateway for your customers to brag about your brand.

*2016 research study by Nielsen shows that over 20% of heavy users believe it is important to express on social media about the brands they support.

They believe it is important to talk on social media about the brands and products that are important to them. On average, light and medium social media users are spending over $500 yearly online.

Social media marketing provides databases of users’ endless psychographic categories such as purchasing behaviour and interests. Combined with demographics, family status, and location, you can select your targeted audiences and understand the different behaviours of each segment. Identify who can add value to your business and then target those people with meaningful and relevant content.

However, a cute cat post from a vet is worth its weight in gold compared to a post about saying how great a local popular vet is in providing quality care to a cat belonging to a local community influencer.

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