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You. You are the best social media marketer. You know your company, you know your clients, you know your products and services.

That being said, what the heck is Twitter or VK or Reddit? For you to know and understand how each social channel can help you grow is probably not going to happen. It takes a lot of time to research, strategize, create, implement, measure and optimize social campaigns. You will probably want to hire a social media marketing agency. So let’s talk about how to hire and work with the right one.

Past Success. Make sure the social media marketing agency you choose has a track record of success. Ask for their process, strategies, case studies, references and testimonials.

Credibility. When you vet your social media marketing agency selections (and you should interview at least 3) here are some things to look for.

  • Does the agency have certified SM consultants? Who are they certified by? Look for any of the following certifications Market Motive, Direct Market Association or any Social master Certification courses by Simplilearn.
  • Social media measuring is tough. Do they have any analytics certification? Do they have a basic understanding of Watson? What metrics do they measure. If they mention impressions, you should maybe keep looking.
  • Do they have great testimonials and reviews? Do not judge by looking at their own channels. Look at their work. Social Media is not always the right channel for all businesses.
  • Do they inspire you to call the agency? If the agency doesn’t have a great social presence you may want to keep searching.
  • Do they work with Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads

Work with a social media partner. We don’t work with everyone.  As the owner of a social media marketing agency in Canada, I love making a connection with a new client especially when we are both committed to growing their business. For me a 1 time deal is typically not going to do much for either company but together if we commit to an on-going relationship based on trust, communication and of course social media performance – ah – that’s where we can really help. It takes time to grow and in a partnership you usually have that time.

Staff. Lastly , have a dedicated person in your organization to work with your social media marketing agency. Yes, a social media agency can spend time trying to understand your products services, write copies about offers and promotions and so on, however if you have someone already aware of all that, it saves a lot of work and money that could be spent in better places.


So to recap, do your research, find 3 credible companies to interview and make it a long term partnership. Of course these are guidelines and there may be anomalies but this should be a great start for you and your company to find the best social media agency in Canada.

For more in formation check out our social media page. For more information of Social media influence marketing click here.

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