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As an eCommerce website, your sole purpose shouldn’t be to have a robust online presence! You’re aiming for a digital presence that’s shareable, generates value to the customer, and is easily searchable. This is exactly where SEO comes in. It helps you streamline your algorithms in a way that’s preferred by the search engines.

Here is what forms a great SEO campaign.

On-page and off-page SEO

On-page SEO is often known as on-site SEO. This is a series of processes that optimize a particular web page’s internal components to make it rank better on the search engines. By optimizing, we are making those webpages easier to find and navigate and offer a better user experience. Common on-site SEO elements include title tags, meta descriptions, keyword incorporation, and H1 tags.

On the other hand, off-page or off-site SEO makes your webpages more search engine-friendly by enhancing the website’s link popularity with specific keywords. A lot of businesses take the long route by generating a lot of unnecessary backlinks. This won’t bear any fruit if the backlinks aren’t relevant or don’t come from trusted websites.

Web content

SEO metrics and search engine algorithms are subject to change as the trends change. However, good-quality content will always remain relevant. It’s always the primary determinant of all the site visits and page views. Original content establishes your website’s credibility. Keep the information relevant and useful, and the visitors will keep on coming back to you.

Articles and blogs that are new, original, and frequently updated rank higher on search engines. Content relevant to your brand, niche, or industry will establish your authority over a subject matter and for a set of keywords. This also results in better SERP results. The content also ranks better if it’s shareable. Search engines detect sharing activity. This again makes your website the authority in your niche.

Some of the most SEO-friendly social media platformsSocial media

Nothing affects internet marketing trends like social media. This is why social media management and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand. Social media helps generate links and enhance your online credibility and stimulate participation from the users. Social media is one of the most immersive, interactive, and engaging platforms. When the content is discussed across various platforms, the search engine platforms associate higher authority with the website.

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