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Mediaforce – 3 Steps to Take When Selecting a PPC Marketing Agency

I am the founder of Mediaforce, a digital marketing agency that specializes in PPC optimization among other lead acquisition strategies. It pains me to see so many clients come to Mediaforce with bad experiences from previous PPC agencies. It drove me to take action and create this 3-Step PPC Guide to save business owners from the cyclical financial pain of being stuck with a bad PPC agency and losing trust in the value of PPC for their business.

Step 1. Map your Marketing Objectives and get access to PPC agency candidates

First, understand what you are trying to achieve. Take inventory of all your online digital marketing efforts. Give three digital marketing agencies Read-Only access to your Google Analytics, AdWords campaigns, and other digital channels for them to review. Provide them with goals and objectives of what you hope to accomplish. This will give your PPC candidate agencies an overview of your current efforts and help them to understand where your business is and where you want your business to be.

Step 2. Check PPC performance & agency credibility

Double-check whether the performance numbers are solid or not. Confirm the historical performance of the PPC agency that you are considering working with. Ask about their success with businesses similar to yours. What types of strategies did they use, and what was the measured outcome? What is their client retention rate? Don’t shy away from requesting case studies, references you can call, and any relevant certifications (i.e. Market Motive trained PPC Practitioner). However, do not be fooled by the Google AdWords certifications. Many businesses make the mistake of confusing the platform certification to be a PPC practitioner certification.

Step 3. Think about your budget and length of the AdWords PPC campaigns

Any agency that says they can get you amazing results in less than four weeks is either: a) going to blow your budget; b) going to fail to deliver sustainable PPC results. As I’ve said in other blog posts, results take time. It typically takes three months to accrue the data to gain the insights needed to optimize campaigns moving forward. Beyond 90 days is where the real PPC AdWords performance takes place.

Budget × Expectations = Results.

If you have a large budget you should expect large results quickly. If you have a small budget, expect fewer results over a longer period of time. That being said, large and small results are also related to what your competitors are doing and how widespread you need to market. Keeping your expectations in line with your budget will help you avoid disappointment.


Finding the best PPC digital marketing agency or consultant will be hard work on your part. But if you research agencies, ask the right questions, and set the right expectations, you will be headed in the right direction to getting quality PPC campaigns that deliver results.

For more information on PPC and Google AdWords campaign optimization and methodologies, check out our PPC page. To learn more about our Digital Marketing services, click here.

Watch this video and see how Mediaforce has used effective PPC to affect our clients’ business:

Tell me, what does PPC mean to you? Have you had a bad PPC experience before? I would love to hear your story. Comment below!

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