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Does your website follow an effective layout and design? Everything from the placement to the content affects its readability and navigation.

Here are a few tips to consider when evaluating your web design.

Use a Minimalistic Design for Your Home Page

As tempting as it may seem to insert all sorts of features on your home page, you need to show some restraint when it comes to designing this particular aspect of your website. Your website’s homepage shouldn’t be flooded with information or fancy buttons. Instead, it should be clutter-free, containing enough information to communicate your core message to first-time visitors.

Remember, minimalistic design doesn’t mean you omit important details. When an internet user visits your home page, they should be presented with enough details that not only represent your brand values and services, but also appeal to emotions. The trick is to create a powerful first impression using words, images, and graphic design elements that allow visitors to better evaluate your content.

Don’t stuff your main page with information or design elements. Use it to create that first impression, and utilize other landing pages to expand upon your company’s details and services.

Include Several Calls-To-Action

Having all your company details in one place alone isn’t enough. You also need to effectively direct your visitors to places that will prompt them to take the necessary steps for conversion.

This means you need more than just one call-to-action in your web design. To do this, you should place strategically crafted CTAs throughout the different pages in your website. These can be placed at the top right of your page’s navigation, somewhere in the middle, and/or at the bottom of the page.

However, make sure you’re customizing each CTA based on the page itself. For instance, if a person is visiting your blog page, they’re most likely still educating themselves on how your services can help. Instead of adding “Call Us Now” button on that page, it’ll be more effective if you were to add custom CTAs such as a “Visit This PDF Guide” button or a query form. These will be more relevant to their current concern and will help you get more conversions.

Keep Your Website Mobile Friendly

Finally, it’s imperative that your web design is mobile friendly. With over 29 million mobile internet users in Canada, it’s safe to say that a majority of all online activity takes place via smartphones. This means that most of your target audience is also likely to visit your website on their mobile devices.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly version of your website, you’re going to create a poor impression on potential as well as existing customers. In fact, you may even drive them away because of the inconvenience caused. Your web design should be optimized for all popular smart devices, especially smartphones.

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