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Do you recognize your website as a part of your marketing plan? In this information age, the majority of consumers are searching for products and services online. Is your website communicating your business message? Is your website portraying a positive first impression?

Optimizing Your New Website

There are few things you would like to achieve with a new website launch:

  • Illustrate a Positive First Impression
  • Communicate the Brand Message
  • Get Found by Google

With every new website launch, MEDIAFORCE works with the client to choose an attractive website template, develop content for all pages, and complete initial search engine optimization (to help the website be quickly found by Google).

Yes, the website needs to be “pretty” but you will find the most value from your website is if people can find it in Google. We highly recommend WordPress websites because they have a built-in content management system, have an SEO-friendly architecture and are easily customized.

Developing New Content to Improve SEO Rankings

In order to maintain good rankings in Google, your website should continually be updated with fresh content. Most likely any of the competitors that are out-ranking you in Google have a blog, social media feed and YouTube videos on their website.

Do you lack the internal expertise of time, or time to develop content for your website?  Choosing a professional website online marketing company to handle website content management will be a great return on investment.

At MEDIAFORCE, we provide the full spectrum of online marketing and SEO services to improve your website rankings:

Free Website Consultation & Free SEO Analysis

Contact us to request a free website consultation. Whether you require a website design and SEO services or website maintenance and content management, we can help.

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