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What it means to be modern

Modern seems to be one of those buzz words people like to throw around these days. It’s just one of those terms that industry professionals like to place on a pedestal and elevate to a state of being nearly mythical. But what does it actually mean to be modern?

It Means Mobile Friendly

The easiest answer to this question is it has to accessible to everyone. Take a look around the next time you’re out and about, what do you see? Smart phones, tablets, handheld gaming devices – this is the mobile age.

It’s important to realize that this is also the age of spontaneous genius. When you had an idea in the 20th century that required some form of research you went home, or went to a library, or looked up companies in a phone book. In the 21st century, we look to our pockets.

With the dimensions of a pocket in mind, we must design websites that look good with limited space. We must also maximize persuasion and minimize frustration. All the effort in the world means nothing if you’re just making people angry.

mobile friendly web design

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It Means Engaging Users

Engagement will always be the barrier you are either stopped by or overcome spectacularly. A potential customer who is unsatisfied with their experience is a lost customer. But what satisfies a users needs?

Align User Intent

A users’ first thought should be that they have found exactly what they are looking for. This is as simple as imagery that aligns with what they are looking for or even a simple heading summing you up in two to three simple sentences.

Pose Questions

For the majority of us simple reading is something that ceased to challenge us years ago. Make your users think about what they’re reading. Pose questions that help them apply your solutions or products to their specific needs.

Ask for More Info

Do not be afraid to encourage users to give you more information. They want to be helped, they’ve visited your site because they want a reason to talk to you! Always encourage contact even in the smallest of ways.

Start Engaging Your Users

(see what we did there?)

It Means Looking The Part

VHS: modern and new website development

You better be watching this ironically…

While we don’t want to say something is so 1996 for fear of being called a hipster (seriously, that kind of stuff hurts) we all know what the 90’s looks like. In a world where first impressions can be everything you’ll want to be making the best one possible. If your website looks like you haven’t spent a dime on it since the 90’s, if ever, you’ll bounce the majority of your potentials right then and there.

A modern design finds the right balance of art and efficiency to create something wonderful. Even the right choice of font can drastically increase the time people spend on your website. In turn, this increases your chances of converting that window shopper into a customer. We leverage our years of experience to bring you a masterpiece every time.

So how do I “Modernize”?

It’s simple: talk to us! We have been helping organizations both big and small all over North America move into the modern age with grace and ease. We will sit down with you and listen to your companies history, discuss your future, and suggest companion services to help you reach that future.

We’re not that design firm that does a fancy new site and then rides off into the sunset (although that would make a good promo video). We build long lasting relationships with our customers and firmly believe that our success is measured only through the success of those customers.

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