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In 2021, you need to take your business’s SEO to the next level. So it’s time to stop making the same mistakes with your search engine optimization that you have in the past and look toward a brighter, more lucrative and profitable future.

Only Focusing on On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO in Digital Marketing means making sure every SEO practice on your website itself is in check. This includes using the right keywords in your web pages, your meta descriptions for how your web pages will appear on Google, etc.

While these practices are important, it is a mistake to ignore the game-changer that is Off-Page SEO.

The chief reason for this is that Off-Page SEO, which includes getting solid backlinks from external websites, guest posting, social media, and local SEO, among other practices, magnifies your results.

A single high-quality backlink from a reputable website in your niche can bump up your website to higher ranks.

So if you cast too narrow a net and only do on-page, you won’t catch any big fish.

Ignoring Competitors

The worst thing you can do is act as if your business is operating in a vacuum and not look at your competitors.

To rank for your target keywords on Google, you need to look at those that already rank where you want to be.

Ask yourself if your website fits the search intent associated with your target keyword. If all the competitors coming up for it are commercial pages, chances are that your informational page won’t rank for the same keyword.

Google’s BERT update will not respond kindly to a search intent mismatch like this.

Making Sub Par Content

If the world of SEO were Game Of Thrones, Content would sit square on the Iron Throne.

Content Marketing is THE King of SEO and Digital Marketing.

A huge reason people search for things on the internet is to find answers to what they are looking for—to learn something.

So let them eat knowledge.

Freely provide high-quality content to those enthusiastic about your niche, which solves their problems, and they will show you their gratitude through higher conversions, dwell rates, leads, and sales.

In 2021, your business deserves better rankings, sky-high conversions and rock-solid leads and sales quotients.

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