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Mediaforce SEO Services will assist you in dominating the search engine results lists. Obtain targeted traffic. Expand your business.

Users are most likely to click on the first three organic search pages.

The top organic Google search result receives 32.5 percent of the average traffic share. The remainder is split into slots #2 through #10, with the latter receiving just 2% of the vote. I can’t stress how important it is to appear in organic search results sufficiently.

This means that if the website ranks in the top three, clicks are almost guaranteed!

Surprisingly, most people scroll through the advertisements on the results pages. When these people are searching for something to purchase, 64.6 percent of them will click on the most relevant ad to their question.

When should I hire an SEO agency?

While there are several reasons to hire an SEO agency, the right timing is also critical. Furthermore, there are times when you would need the assistance of Google optimization experts.

Do you want to grow your company? Do you want to increase your leads and sales? These cases necessitate the assistance of an agency.

The same applies if:

  • Your website is not included in search engine results pages 
  • Your competitors outperform you in terms of search and market in general.
  • You are unsure if the website is assisting with the achievement of corporate objectives or not.
  • You are not optimistic about the prospects of your business.

Our SEO Services

The digital world is becoming highly dynamic. Our tactics produce long-term returns, allowing the website to conquer the SERPs and boost traffic on specific keywords.

If you aren’t doing search engine optimization (SEO), your rivals most likely are! Don’t fall behind. Mediaforce has a full range of SEO services.

Organic SEO

Our regular service is organic SEO. The campaign begins with a detailed audit of the website to identify the numerous on-page and off-page variables that can influence the website’s ranking in SERPs. Then, we will optimize the website based on the brand’s value proposition and comparative advantages.

SEO Consulting

Our SEO Consulting service will build the blueprint for your website’s growth by bringing it to page one. The service involves creating an SEO approach to kickstart your initiative, advise on the redesign, perform keyword analysis, and conduct a website audit.

SEO Audithire an SEO agency

Our SEO Audit service uses an in-depth professional audit to diagnose the health of the website. The foundation is a detailed SEO checklist that contains the rating factors on which you should configure your site. After gathering and reviewing data, actionable perspectives are given.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO efforts aim to increase the website’s search visibility, especially in the areas served by the company. Optimization for Google My Business and Google Maps is included, a business NAP (name, address, and phone) cleanup and schema markup.

Technical SEO

Our Technical SEO service examines the website’s usability and crawling, indexing, site layout, site speed, and management. The SEO team conducts the study using a mixture of manual and paying tools, resulting in a concise technical report.

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO, whether on Magento, WooCommerce, or another website, focuses on shop optimization. By designing the campaign from the ground up, the key objective is to maximize business performance. The guidelines are focused on page-level improvements, such as powerful graphic presentations and a user-friendly checkout mechanism, among other things.

WordPress SEO

When it comes to interacting with your target audience, CMS optimization through WordPress SEO is a must. The initiative is divided into three parts: website structure, plugin installation, and content creation. The campaign aims to improve indexation.

Reverse SEO

Reverse SEO is also known as Online Reputation Management since the mechanism is inverted. There are two main elements here: ranking positive websites higher on results pages and outranking pages with negative news that harms the credibility and appearance of the company, person, or association.

Paid Search

Also called pay-per-click (PPC), our Paid Search service drives prospective buyers more profound into the sales funnel. The campaign starts with detailed keyword research and is followed by ad optimization.

Mediaforce also offers SEO services based on your needs.

What makes Mediaforce SEO services different

Our SEO services are built on optimization fundamentals to ensure that the website is as Google-compliant as possible.

SEO Audit

The technical and non-technical areas of Optimization are included in our SEO audit. The purpose is to see if the website is SEO-ready (for new campaigns) or to see how well it is performing now (for ongoing campaigns)

Our audit aims to figure out how well it performs in indexation, content, links, and social. The audit report covers overall recommendations and suggested keywords sections.

Keyword Research

We do two types of Keyword Research. First, if you’re new to SEO, the campaign will find relevant keywords for which your site might potentially rank.

We use various tools, including Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs, to determine the most relevant keywords for your campaign. Two of our main focuses when choosing either branded or non-branded keywords are monthly search volume and relevance. Such a process is the same for both organic and paid SEO.

If you’ve tried SEO before but haven’t seen any noticeable effects, our SEO team will decide if your site is ranking for the targeted keywords or not.

We will keep keywords that you are currently scoring with and delete those that aren’t helping the initiative. Then, based on our analysis, we’ll add new keywords to the list.

On-Page Optimization

Our On-Page Optimization strives to include performance indicators based on keyword and landing page suggestions. We suggest using just one keyword/keyword category per landing page to optimize campaign traffic and ranking effects.

Nonetheless, our on-page efforts are not limited to technical issues such as meta tags. Instead, they cover material, connections, and social media. The following diagram depicts the anatomy of a wholly configured landing page.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization, also known as relation construction, focuses on important considerations. This includes the number of connections, the content of each connection, the domain rank, and so on.

The SEO team’s tactics stress the importance of high-quality content with the ability to win ties. As a result, we use a variety of techniques to both create and earn ties.

Our off-page strategies include, among other things, guest blogging, group outreach, and broken link construction. We pitch guest posts such that the material is shared on relevant blogs, contact websites to request links back to your blog, and notify publishers about their not found pages and provide a solution.

What our SEO services include

Each SEO campaign includes a progress update that shows whether the SEO team meets the main success metrics (KPIs) and goals. If yes, the team goes on to the next significant milestone; if no, they adjust their plans to meet any missed goals.

Monthly Organic Traffic Analysis and Recommendations

Our SEO programs, as well as the tactics we use for each campaign, are fully customizable. So that if an opportunity presents itself, the team will be able to seize it. Every month, the team provides a series of suggestions to improve the SEO campaign’s performance.

Keyword Ranking Report

Every month, the team also creates a keyword and rating report to determine how well each keyword is doing. The team will also decide if the adopted techniques are still effective or whether a new series of strategies is needed. 

Why choose the Mediaforce Digital Marketing Agency?

We are Google Adwords PPC Certified Experts. We get you more qualified traffic, lower your cost per click, and target prospects right where they need you. Our PPC marketing and Google AdWords marketing services are managed by a multidisciplinary team of Data Scientists, Certified AdWords Thought Leaders, and Machine Learning Engineers. So if you’re in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and NYC reach out to us today.