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Spending money with no results sucks.

But spending money and getting leads that don’t convert is, well; well it sucks too. We have seen it happen. We spend hours designing and strategizing to help our client achieve their objective, we redesign the site, we launch the campaigns, we measure and optimize – and the leads come in….but no sales. That is frustrating for all involved.  Why? Well to find out we started following our clients online efforts to offline and there it is. A bad, or less than good experience.

It is critical that the positive, enjoyable and informative experience they have online with your company, is like an experience they also have when they visit your boardroom, showroom, or when they meet your staff. This is a totally different area of optimization but still critical to your business growth. If not optimized you are just wasting your time and resources getting leads online.

Some ideas to improve your clients offline experiences:

  • Find out what experiences your customers or clients are currently having right now.
  • Get an unbiased review from mystery shoppers and mystery callers.
  • Call tracking. Listening to how your staff handle calls and issues is invaluable.

Think about what kind of experience you would like when calling with an issue or visiting a showroom.

The details matter. The offline connection matters. Coffee is cheap.

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