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How Can SEO and a Pay Per Click Campaign Work Together To Produce Powerful Results?

Honestly speaking, people consider PPC and SEO as different marketing strategies that should be dealt with in isolation, but can these two powerhouses be used together to get both paid and organic traffic? Absolutely, both conversion rates and leads would increase.

Read on to find out how these two digital marketing strategies, when used in conjunction, can benefit you and help you increase your revenue, inbound traffic, conversion rates, and leads.

SERP rankings

Well, this is quite obvious, but PPC and SEO can amplify SERPs’ exposure when working together. Usually, when a Pay Per Click Campaign is successful, people will stop focusing on the other remaining marketing strategies, but by uniting PPC and SEO, not only will you increase your website’s exposure but also double the chances of boosting traffic.

When both PPC and SEO campaigns start ranking higher on SERPs, Pay Per Click Campaigns will be able to pick up the clicks that SEO missed. However, the reverse isn’t true., in fact, if you pause PPC ads, organic rankings won’t be able to pick a whopping 89% of the traffic from the paused ads, even if your website ranks number one organically for the same keywords.

Combining the two strategies will also Increased Click-Through Rates (CTR), as studies show that having both PPC ads and organic listings on a SERP can lead to higher overall click through rates (CTR) compared to relying solely on one or the other. Users are more likely to click on a website when they see it multiple times across different sections of the search results, increasing the chances of driving qualified traffic.

woman offering PPC marketing services in VancouverRemarketing

With established Omnichannel marketing, you get the benefits of both PPC and SEO efforts working in collaboration without a great deal of coordination.

Unless you don’t have the right parameters in place, you can use social media to remarket to a visitor entering your website via organic search, this is an incredibly affordable way of bringing your visitors back to your website.

Testing Keywords

You can use paid ads’ keyword data to see which keywords are actually converting to buyers, this should be an integral component of your SEO strategy to create synergistic Data Insights. Both PPC and SEO generate valuable data and insights that can be mutually beneficial when combined.

Pay Per Click campaigns offer immediate feedback on keyword performance, ad copy effectiveness, and user behavior, while SEO provides long term data on organic search trends and user engagement. By analyzing and cross referencing these datasets, businesses can refine their overall digital marketing strategy for better results. With these insights, you’ll be able to make well informed decisions regarding which keywords to go after and which to ignore via SEO.

You’re better off deprioritizing the searches in SEO that show no conversions and shift your focus to those that convert. Or, based on your content strategy for that customer, use certain terms that PPC fails to convert, for instance, if higher-funnel keywords are attracting the right market, use them.

This can play out in a ton of different ways. However, by reviewing paid conversion rates of certain keywords, you’ll have the right information to do your SEO the right way.

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