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It’s the age-old debate: which platform should you use for online advertising? Gone are the days when Google was the sole platform for internet users to access information. They now also use social media for this very purpose.

So, should you use Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Here’s how you can decide.

Audience Size

Both Google and Facebook are huge platforms with an enormous reach. Google is the leading online search platform in Canada. On the other hand, Facebook has over 25.19 million users in Canada, and this figure is expected to grow exponentially in the next 5 years.

This means that both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are immensely popular search platforms. Given that Canadians spend 7 hours per month on social media, Facebook has a huge audience of active users. Moreover, since Facebook owns Instagram, advertising on one of these platforms means you can easily advertise the same content on the other platform.

To really determine which type of ads are better for your business, you need to consider what platforms your target audience is active on and whether your products/services are more search-oriented or social.

Buyer Intent

Google Ads typically have a stronger hold on buyer intent than Facebook Ads. Let’s suppose you’re an HVAC business and offer repair services. A customer seeking these repair services is more likely to search for options on Google than try and remember the Facebook Ad they saw several weeks ago. Google Ads will be more effective in getting leads and conversions in this case.

However, Facebook Ads are still pretty useful in building an audience and increasing your outreach. You know how specific Facebook Ads tend to pop up while you’re scrolling through your feed, depicting items or services you were recently talking (or even thinking) about? Seeing ads definitely redirects your attention to what being advertised, even if you don’t end up clicking on them. You can use Facebook Ads to build brand awareness instead of immediate conversions.

Ad Formats

When you use Google Ads, you’re left with a small block of text that you have to use to gain attention. With Facebook Ads, you have more room for creativity. In addition to the text, you can also add a visual element to your ad, making it more appealing and increasing the likeliness of it catching your audience’s attention.

Not only that, but Facebook also offers varying ad formats to diversify advertisements and ad fatigue. This is especially beneficial for ecommerce businesses as it helps them reach out to their target audience more effectively. That said, Google Ads are perfectly fine for the platform they’re displayed on. The text-only format allows the ads to fit right in and optimise search. Just like you optimise images and videos Facebook Ads, the lack of these visual elements is effective for Google Ads.

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