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The biggest advantage that digital marketing offers compared to traditional advertising is that it allows marketers to formulate targeted campaigns.

Marketers can create digital marketing strategies that include paid search ads, video marketing, remarketing, and SEO to target specific segments and even customers that are most likely to convert into sales.

Targeting is the crux of effective digital marketing strategies. Unless your digital marketing agency has mastered the art of targeting market segments, your online advertising campaigns won’t deliver the results you’re looking for.

The following tips help create better targeted digital marketing campaigns:

Define Your Customer Profile

Targeting customers in the digital sphere goes beyond setting geographical parameters on your online campaigns; it involves delving into the minds of your current and potential customers.

By defining your customer profile, you answer vital questions about your customers, their concerns, lifestyle, and behaviour. Once you have enough information about your customers, you can create ads that address their concerns and use language that appeals to them.

After you’ve finalized the content, you can use the information to display the ad at a time that’s most suitable for your audience.

Digital marketing concept to show an increase in sales.Use Demographic and Psychographic Data

Online advertising platforms let you use demographic and psychographic data to create targeted ads.

Local businesses that wish to target people in close vicinity can set parameters on their ads to promote special offers, sales, etc. This type of targeting is especially handy for small businesses with budget constraints; they only have to pay for impressions and clicks.

Demographic targeting can also be used to reach out to customers of specific ages, genders, etc.

Psychographic data can be used to place ads on websites that interest your target audience and prompt a response.

Remarketing Strategies

The 80:20 rule in the marketing world states that about 80% of your business comes from just 20% of your customers.

In traditional advertising, remarketing strategies come in the form of loyalty programs and memberships, but in the digital sphere, they come as recommendations and suggestions.

Advertisers can show customers products/services they had previously bought or shown interest in, enticing them to make a purchase.

While a customer may have forgotten about a pair of shoes they were looking at online a few weeks ago, search engines don’t. This allows advertisers to use the data to remarket the shoes.

If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns, make sure to have an excellent digital marketing agency in your corner.

Mediaforce provides top-quality digital marketing services in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto. Our services include Paid Search Advertising, SEO services, and web design solutions.

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