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Barbara Corcoran is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and start-up companies. She started her business with $1000, borrowed from her boyfriend at the time; with hard work and great management skills she later sold her business at a value of $66 million.

Barbara is now known as an angel investor on Shark Tank, she is also an author, speaker and long-known real estate icon. In this video she shares her life lessons and inspirations for entrepreneurs.

I share this video because it goes to show that if you act out on your passions, you will fly in life. As she mentions in this video – “Figure out your gift to build around it and capitalize on it”. Everyone has a unique skill set that they were gifted with. Do what you are great at and you will do nothing but succeed.

Remember on the journey to success to continue to have empathy for the people you work with and connect with their needs. Showing compassion will make the ride so much grander.

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