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User experience is everything.

Have you seen a change in the web over the last few years? It’s been amazing to watch. As the founder of a digital marketing firm in 1996, I have seen the evolution from the start. It’s not the wild west anymore and that’s maybe a good thing. With Google leading the charge, the objective more and more is – a better experience.

In order to give you, the consumer, the best experience possible, digital marketers will now be marketing directly to you as a human – not a demographic or segment.

Your online experience is now the main metric, Google and others look for to measure success.  What dictates a good experience vs a bad one? Google looks at thousands of signals such as; load time, mobile friendliness, quality content, bounce rate etc. Now imagine if your website could give your users a personalized experience, show users exactly what they’re looking for, or show them the outcome of a future purchase or application to their house as an example, sometimes before they themselves know they need it and follow up with them contextually after the sale or service. Well, it’s happening.

Website Personalization

With every online search for a product, service or solution, there is a journey involved. The optimization of that journey can now be automated and optimized using AI and machine learning. By using data about your decisions on the web, AI can now offer you a custom experience, which may include seeing your name or face on a website, custom content depending on where you are in the buying cycle, seeing a picture of your home on a website and so on. This will allow the decision or resolution time to be shortened but not only that, users being exposed to this sort of optimized experience won’t even think about going anywhere else. Visit our AI marketing page here.

Example of an AI generated webpage

Imagine a company that sells solar blinds. Imagine instead of going to their website homepage and seeing the same old pictures and static content, you see a pic of your house. What do you say? It shows your location, your home’s exposure to sun, weather and temperature patterns and here’s the kicker, it shows you how much you could save if you bought these blinds all based on accurate neighborhood and weather data. You wouldn’t even think about the other blind store. That’s where the web is going.

Tensor FlowTechnology

TensorFlow is an open source software library for machine learning across a range of tasks. The team at Google first developed the tech for a neural network but soon found it could be used in other applications – such as giving the users an augmented or personalized experience.

The Outcome

Part of the outcome Google wants is a better experience for users. The better the experience the better the web gets across all verticals from Non Profits and Government to eCommerce or online booking businesses, and better experience means more conversions – but only if you apply the technology correctly with the right marketing strategy.

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