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If you intend on running a successful digital marketing campaign for your brand, you need to have a landing page for your website. This is where your target audience is directed to and “lands” after clicking on a link or an ad.

A landing page is a standalone web page that’s created specifically for marketing purposes. From offering resources to visitors to obtaining their contact information, the page helps in building brand presence and enhancing your visibility.

Components of a Landing Page

While landing pages can have varying components, there are 5 main elements that are found in all (strong) landing pages:

  • A USP that sets your products/services apart
  • A stellar visual element (image or video) to create a strong first impression
  • The benefits of your products/services outlining how users will be positively impacted by them
  • Social verification in the form of reviews, testimonials, direct quotes, or client logos
  • A call to action to facilitate conversion.

So, why should you have a landing page for your website?

graphs representing lead conversionsTo Increase Brand Value

A well-designed landing page instantly impresses new visitors. It informs them exactly of what your company has to offer, while also highlighting your brand persona. This leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Even if they don’t immediately purchase your product or sign up for your services, a sleek and professional landing page helps increase brand recognition and sets the foundation for future sales.

To Obtain Additional Knowledge of Your Target Audience

A well-structured landing page gives you greater insight into what your target audience is looking for. It tells you which topics are trending, highly-sought, and are converting at the highest rate. This, then, helps you better predict your audience’s interests and devise campaigns or services that would cater to these interests.

In addition to helping you create a more personalized marketing strategy, a good landing page also informs you which channels your leads prefer using. You can then extend or enhance your marketing campaign across those channels.

To Have Increased Conversions

Finally, having a targeted page directly helps increase conversions. New visitors are encouraged to exchange information for immediate or tangible rewards. This enhances the user experience and helps you build a loyal clientele. It also allows for more effective lead generation.

By having a stream of targeted traffic coming through a landing page, you can convert that traffic into leads more effectively.

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