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This past weekend my fiancé and I had our engagement photo shoot. On our way home we were talking about how pleased we were with our photographer. He was worth every penny! Everyone has different things that are most important to them. Photos are one for us because they are capturing moments of this life milestone.

Do you think the best things in life are free – or do you believe you get what you pay for?

Whether it’s a product or service, most often the quality is reflective of the price. The knock off Louis Vuitton purse may look the same but it will likely start falling apart at the seams a month after purchase. Sometimes we purchase things to portray a certain image. But if image and quality is important to you, spend a little more on the things you truly desire. It will be money well-spent in the end.

Is your website reflecting the quality of your product or service?

Congratulations you took the plunge and started your own business! By now you have probably hit the ground running with your business plan. A business team that is successful is one that realizes their niche and specialties. They will focus on what they are good at and will expand because of their ability to do a great job.

Now – do your marketing efforts communicate the right message in describing your business? Is the message consistent among your print, web and radio advertisements? This messaging should answer the question to “What makes you different than competitor #1, #2 and #3?”

The reason we chose our photographer was because he had 30+ years in photography, contagious enthusiasm, shared examples of work that compared to what we were looking for and lived near our hometown. We clicked with him because he aligned with what we were looking for in a photographer.

Most people chose a business based on referral. The first place they will look is the business’ website. If they are pleased with the look and content of the website, they will proceed to call for more information. This is usually an easy sell for the business owner or sales person because the person is already convinced of the quality of your products or services.

Does your website require a redesign?

As a company, you are working hard to make sure your existing clients are happy with your products and services. They are in-turn sharing their positive experiences with their colleagues, friends and family. If your website is in need of a redesign, now is the time.

Providing a positive first impression is invaluable.

Contact MEDIAFORCE today for more information on our website design services. We are specialists in digital marketing including; SEO, Google Ads and Facebook ads.

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