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Increase Website Traffic and Gain More Exposure

If you’re looking to increase website traffic and gain more exposure for your online business, you’re certainly not alone. The internet is a crowded and competitive space, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, with the right strategy and approach, you can cut through the noise and attract the attention of potential customers. By focusing on SEO, social media, and paid advertising, you can ensure that your message is heard loud and clear. Just remember, it’s not enough to simply be present on these channels – you need to have a cohesive and consistent message that resonates with your target audience. With dedication and persistence, you can increase your online visibility and build a strong, engaged customer base.

SEO: The Classic Approach

Search Engine Optimization is one of those services where you can throw a rock in any direction and you stand a good chance of hitting a specialist with it. An entire industry has grown up around this mostly misrepresented term. We’ve been led to believe that this is the miracle solution to gaining great exposure.

The reality of this is that it’s merely a single tool in any acquisition strategy. On it’s own it’s pretty much like trying to build a house with only a hammer. To be something that brings you your envisioned results it needs to be used as intended – to bash nails into walls, or in this case, build a solid web structure.

We work with this in mind to create and implement an SEO strategy that not only compliments, but works with your overall strategy to achieve your desired results.

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Let's Be Social for a Minute

Website and mobile marketing

One of the things clients seem to get hung up on is the question “what would I possibly have to say to the world”. You are an expert in your field. You have intimate knowledge of your subject matter and should be keeping up with industry trends, new developments, etc and then sharing this with your current and potential client base. An informative and engaging social media program adds significant credibility to your organization and builds affinity while also increasing your search performance.

So let’s say you are already posting updates and having insightful conversations. How do you measure success? Likes, shares, clicks,  pokes? The answer to that is simple: it’s contextual. Now you may be saying “hey Mediaforce, that’s just a cop-out and we demand explanations”. Well hold your horses.

We’ve mentioned previously that SEO is just a tool in our arsenal. Welcome to tool #2. We create a social media plan tailored to your goals and then we provide you with the data and context to actually measure the value and effectiveness of your posts. This value is measured not in trivial ways such as likes, shares, etc, but in important terms such as engagement and conversion. Every conversation needs a real business goal.

Pay-per-click Advertising Campaigns

Earlier we spent some time bashing the idea of a miracle solution and we still stand firm on that idea. However, pay-per-click (PPC)  is one of those magic door openers that deserves a little bit of elevated credit. PPC allows us to help you not only receive increased traffic to your website, it also ensures that it’s the right traffic.

The various PPC providers we work with have spent billions on prying into the minds of internet users. Through their various partners as well as web searches they can determine just what it is that a user is after and display relevant advertising to try to meet that need. They also provide us with a comprehensive set of tools to narrow your audience down to those who are going to be interested in your product or service.

This is one of our most complex service offerings and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what this powerful tool can do for you. We highly encourage you to give us a call so we can give you all the details in the context of your business needs.

So what do I do next?

We’ve touched on a few of the more important channels that work towards gaining you maximum exposure, but there’s still a lot more you can do. A quick conversation with one of our specialists can open up our entire toolbox for your benefit.

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