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At this point, just about everyone has a cell phone. Of those who have a cell phone, nearly everyone is using their cell to go online. As a business owner, you have probably considered investing in a mobile friendly site. Here are some facts that will solidify your decision to go mobile.

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Capture new clientele

There are now more than 195 million smartphone users in North America alone. Online shopping, and information gathering, once something you might have done from home, can now be done on the go. Needless to say the market is vast, and with PC sales beginning to plateau, having a mobile site may not be a choice in the next few years. That is, if you want a web presence at all.

Acquiring business from the competition

So, you say you have a website, and you get lots of traffic… but how does it look on mobile? Can you easily click on menu items and follow links? Mobile visitors have a 9.56% higher bounce rate than desktop visitors, mainly because many business owners have not made mobile a priority for their sites. Having a mobile optimized or mobile specific website will prevent users from leaving. You have built a brand for yourself, you have a reliable client base, you want them to visit your site and stay. Make it easy for them to access your services. A mobile site could mean the difference between choosing your business over the competition.

Empower the user

Whether you have an ecommerce site or a blog, the ability for your visitors to interact with you is imperative. Making yourself easy to access at any time will increase conversion rates, transforming browsers into buyers. Mobile sites can be optimized to use “click to call” links, to clearly display contact information and locations, and make it easy to buy now. To improve user experience, presenting information in a format that is easier to read and easier to navigate on mobile will improve conversion.

People use useable sites.

A mobile site is an easy way to improve brand recognition. If you can present consistent information in a way that is easy to access both on mobile and desktop, you can guarantee to impress a few people. Some of the most popular sites, Ebay, Google, Plenty of Fish, are arguably the ugliest sites, but they are user friendly. Simply put, people use useable sites.


Surfing the net used to be something we all did shut away from the world in our home offices in front of our PCs. Now, we can browse on the go. Where are we when we’re not at home? Were out socializing, we’re at work, we’re with other people. 99% of smartphone users go online with their phones. With easy access at their fingertips at any time, surfing the net has become a social event. People have an uncontrollable urge to share. This is evident by the success of so many social sharing engines, facebook, pinterest and Instagram to name a few; so it’s only natural that these urges overcome us when we’re in the presence of our peers. Word of mouth has always been a key factor in success, and having a functional,  share-worthy, mobile friendly website will ensure you get that kind of one on one exposure.

Mobile Web Use

Going Mobile

Many of our clients are already benefiting from their mobile friendly sites. See them all in our portfolio.

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