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Today I was browsing Linkedin news and Twitter updates to see what inspirations awaited me. There are two articles in particular that caught my attention:

  1. “Making Serendipity Work For Your Career” by CNN News
  2. “20 Things I Should Have Known at 20” by Julien Smith

Both articles share the message of going out there and living life to the fullest. Do something different – out of the ordinary – outside your routine. Serendipity is the ability to take a chance occurrence — a surprising idea, person or event — and make creative use of it. Yet serendipity can be exceedingly difficult to pull off in the midst of our busy work lives.”

Inspiring New Business Ideas

When you step outside the routine of your daily activities, you meet new people, generation new ideas and open the doors to new opportunities.

“Napoleon knew what others have noted — on a rapidly changing battlefield, there are the things you know you know, the things you know you don’t know, and the things you don’t know you don’t know. It’s in this last category that fortunes are so often made or broken. The big events that matter most are often those that we can least predict.”

When is the last time your office got together for a brainstorming session? For some, summer is a busy time of year while for others, it is slow. Whether it’s slow or busy – what is something you have been talking about doing but have yet to do? Do it up!

Ideas to Mix it Up

  1. Attend a networking event
  2. Go golfing
  3. Host a charity event
  4. Work with your laptop in a coffee shop
  5. Take a day at the spa
  6. Register for a webinar

MEDIAFORCE has been talking about organizing an event involving our customers. We are thinking about organizing a charity volleyball tournament here in Ottawa which symbolizes what website design is all about – “generates revenue, encourage interaction from visitors, every website is different, and showcase best work”. We will keep you updated on the planning.

Let us know what you are doing different in the office to mix things up and continue to innovate.

Sparking the Conversation

Sometimes an “outsider” can help spark new ideas. Looking from outside the business, they may have different ideas based on how they interpret your business as a potential customer. MEDIAFORCE is different from most SEO companies in the sense that we go above and beyond to understand your company. We dive deep to learn all we can about the company and employees. Our job is come up with new ideas for each of clients.

Is your website communicating the right message? Do you need to mix things up to create a fresh appeal? Talk to our online marketing experts to see what can be done to stir the pot.

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