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Big data / Advanced Analytics

Translate data into business objectives. Maximize insights to gain competitive advantages. Use data-based decision making to form confident and innovative strategies.

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We take the time to learn about your data. Our process defines and analyzes the requirements needed to support business operations within your organization. We use progressive data modeling techniques to reflect your changing environment. Understand how to manage your data as your most valuable resource through advanced analytics consulting services. We offer our services to clients across Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and NYC.

Processing - Digital Marketing


We transform your data. Through careful organization and customization, we can configure your data to include or exclude specific data sets or even change data formatting. Generate reports faster by accessing data that is prepared for easy and quick analysis.


Harness the full potential of analyzing your quantitative and qualitative data. While quantitative data can give you numerical results, qualitative data can tell you why. Measure the outcomes of your customer experience by tracking both macro and micro conversions. Drive continual improvement through the online experience of your customers that translate to real results, both online and offline.

Data Analysis - Digital Marketing
Customer Analytics - Digital Marketing


Understand your customers’ behavior. Through in-depth market segmentation and predictive analysis, we can help you identify, attract, and retain your target audience. Unlock insights into your consumers’ habits and lifestyle preferences and make relevant offers at the right time to the right people.


Break through the noise of your competitors. By tracking one or more markets, learn and measure your competition, then act to improve your own digital marketing. Find out who your top competitors are. Estimate their web traffic and budget, identify their top strategies, but avoid their mistakes.

Competitive Intelligence - Digital Marketing
Experimentation Testing Analytics - Digital Marketing


Take all the guesswork out of website optimization. Through A/B testing or multivariate testing, determine which version of a webpage performs better. Quantitatively measure the impact of new design changes and test your hypotheses. Continuous testing and optimizing can provide you with valuable insight about your customers. Enable data-backed decisions by testing your website.


Learn how your marketing channels are affecting your sales and conversion rates. Your customers enter the purchase funnel from various channels, making decisions at different times. We can show you how and where these interaction points occur across digital media, allowing you to make decisions at the macro and micro level for your marketing budget. Each channel can vary in value according to your unique business type and we can help you improve based on channel performance.

Multi-channel - Digital Marketing
Social Analytics - Digital Marketing


Have an engaging conversation with your audience. Identify which parts of your website content / brand are socially viral and which are not. Get to know the users who are being socially engaged and the communities that matter to your brand. Quantify the value of your social strategy.


Demystify the customer online shopping experience. Analyze how customers are viewing your products and adding or removing them from the cart. Optimize cart abandonment rates by differentiating consumers that initiated, abandoned, or completed their purchase: separate the high value shopper from the low value shopper. By learning how consumers navigate your checkout process, evaluate and improve conversion rates.

Ecommerce - Digital Marketing
Mobile Apps - Development and Digital Marketing


Track how users engage with your app and learn the most common behaviours for your high- and low-value users. Through screen tracking, know which screens engage users the most and improve your app design for user experience. Event tracking can show user actions taking place within screens, helping you target interactions that provide valuable data for your business goals. Enhance your ecommerce to develop remarketing strategies that re-engage app users.


Measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Learn about and use metrics that are unique to the medium: email delivery rate, open rate, subscriber retention rate, bounce rate, profitability, and more. We can show you how to deliver messages that are relevant, capture customer behaviour that creates value and track macro and micro conversions. Select the right metrics for you and optimize email marketing by linking data to true costs.

Email Marketing - Digital Marketing
Predictive Aanalytics Digital Marketing


Make connections based on previous data to predict future outcomes. Capture the right data, connecting online and offline data to tie customer behaviour to outcomes. Account for multiple customer touch points and multiple visit behaviour, controlling for stability in past data and the current environment. Spot larger complex trends and patterns over time to find real insight.

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