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Many companies hesitate to invest in paid search campaigns, as they fear it will take a toll on their budget. However, there are numerous benefits to using Google ads, including 6 key reasons. First, it allows for targeted advertisement by allowing businesses to choose specific keywords and demographics. Second, paid search is also measurable and trackable, allowing for data-driven optimization and improvement. Third, it offers immediate results and increased visibility for your brand. Fourth, paid search can complement and strengthen organic search efforts. Fifth, it can provide a strong return on investment when managed effectively. And finally, it offers the ability to stay ahead of competitors in the constantly evolving digital landscape. Overall, investing in paid search campaigns can have significant payoff for companies in terms of increased web traffic and conversions.

Check out these six situations that call for paid search services:

You Have No Search Campaigns

Depending on what you’re selling, a search campaign can really help push your sales along. If people are actively searching for your product, you’re going to want to make yourself visible to them—and that’s when paid search is beneficial. Your website may or may not show up when a user enters a search query, but if you have an active paid search campaign, there’s a greater chance they’ll see your ad. Even when you don’t have a sales promotion going on, it helps to have some paid search campaigns running at all times.

You Launched a New Product Line

Your target market should know when you’re launching a new product line. A paid search campaign can be used to announce and draw attention to a line of products.

For example, if you’re running a fashion boutique that previously only sold women’s clothing, but have now introduced menswear, you’re going to want to launch digital campaigns to target this new market segment.

You’re Business has Expanded to New Locations

Paid search campaigns allow you to target your market using geographical parameters, aka geotargeting. If you’ve expanded your operations to new locations, you’ll need to launch a paid search campaign that specifically focuses on these areas.

You Want to Increase Traffic for Certain Keywords

When you want to increase traffic for specific keywords, you’ll want to create a search campaign. For example, if a store wants to clear out its summer collection, they will need to create a paid search campaign that concentrates on summer dresses, swimwear, kimonos, etc.

You Have a Sales Promotion That’s Ongoing

If you’re offering specific products on sale, you’ll need to hit pause on ad campaigns for other products and increase spending on ads for products on sale.

You Want to Target a New Audience

Display ads are especially useful when you’re targeting a new audience. For example, if you’re running a fashion boutique that designs prom dresses and have now decided to get into designing wedding gowns too, you’ll need to design display ad campaigns that place your ads on bridal websites.

These are just a few of the many scenarios that require Paid Search campaigns.

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