The Results in 3 months

15,000 Facebook Fans
873,982 People reached
2,492,593 Impressions

The Problem

CPMA was looking to start a new social media campaign called “#halfyourplate”, a  healthy living initiative that empowers Canadians of all ages to eat more fruits and veggies to improve their health!

To do this, CPMA has to reach Canadians and help them adopt more veggies and fruits in their daily diet. While the objectives of the campaign were clear and easy to reach Canadians, the challenges were to help Canadians change their daily food habit and measure progress / success of the campaign.

The Solution

Mediaforce developed strategic social tactics for reaching individuals with the most unique way that will resonate and influence them towards adopting more vegetables and fruits.

First, we studied Canadian household structure, how each individual play different roles when it comes to making or influencing meals / food decisions, and what challenges they face?

Once we were able to segment groups of people based on demographic factors combined with psychographic factors, we were able to reach the right people at the right time with the most engaging content. To give a short and brief example, let’s assume we have a bucket of people targeted with the following factors: who are between the age of 25 to 35, who are not married, who are professionals, who eat out a lot. We then constructed a message that may address a collective need for this group, such as easy and quick cooking recipes and brilliant storage tips so that cooking for one is not a waste. Or targeting mothers of children between the age of 5 and 14 for their lunch tips. While this technique is good for creating awareness, but not enough for people to change their food habits. We then built a team of social army / advocates for #halfyourplate campaign with a careful selection of influential Canadian bloggers who are directly (nutritionists, chefs) and indirectly (Parents, celebrities) related to the topic. We then amplified their endorsements combined with engaging content to their followers and other like minded people using both organic and paid exposures.

The Measurement Plan

Mediaforce social analytics engineers developed a holistic measurement plan with objectives, goals, KPIs and advanced segments to understand the campaign’s performance in real time. In addition, a detailed analysis and actionable insights provided on a weekly basis to construct future content based on data.

Channels used: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

The Outcome

The campaign is still ongoing, but social media reactions have been strong and positive, with over 800% higher amplification rate compared to the industry benchmark setting as a successful Social Media Campaign Example in Canada.

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