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Social Media Case Study for European Union

Digital Marketing for Delegation of the European Union to Canada

The details of a single post in Mediaforce’s Social Media campaign for the European Union’s delegation to Canada tells the story: a post announcing the launch of the EU’s Twitter feed targeted 12,000 people, reached reached 4,400, and successfully engaged 1,700 people. The campaign achieved a click-through-rate of 3.045% and a relevancy score of 9/10.

Even on a modest budget, Mediaforce’s social media strategy clearly drove awareness and engagement.

The Delegation of the European Union to Canada covers all policy areas of the bilateral relationship between the EU and Canada. It serves as a point of contact between the EU, the Canadian authorities, and others in Canada seeking to learn more about the EU and its policies. The Delegation conducts public diplomacy activities to keep Canadians informed of current developments in the European Union and to provide updates on significant Canada-related events to the Union in Brussels. Therefore, the Delegation welcomes inquiries from those wanting to learn more about the EU and its policies, as well as about EU-Canada relations.

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