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CyberHunter Solutions Digital Marketing SEO Case Study


CyberHunter Solutions

Starting from 0 in 2016 CyberHunter Solutions wanted a long term national SEO strategy. Mediaforce started by creating a content rich mobile first designed website with easy to consume blocks of valuable content leading to deeper rich content.  Complying with Google’s Onsite Best Practices and engineered for Google bot’s maximum readability including micro structuring data, we ensured that CyberHunter’s onsite and offsite elements were optimized for maximum search engine rankings, DA & PA.

The organic ranking across Canada have enabled CyberHunter to triple its top line growth in just 2.5 years.

CyberHunter provides cyber security services including Penetration Testing, Network Threat Assessments, Security Audits and Cyber Threat Hunting solutions to businesses and organizations. Founded in 2016, the company helps to uncover hidden security gaps quickly because every business, no matter where they are, is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers have sophisticated tools and continuously try to breach security systems to gain access to private and confidential data stored on servers.

As a leading website security company, CyberHunter also provides cyber security consulting services to prevent cyber attacks. Since 2016, the company has been serving businesses and organizations in Canada, the US, and the Caribbean.

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